January 10, 2018

January 10, 2018

Thursday’s 6pm class!!

We warmed up with a 5 minute round, 15 second intervals for each exercise. Lunges, hold a squat, mountain climb, high knees, and shuffles.

After stretching, we did a shadow box drill, including 1-2 punches, push ups, 1-2-3-2, then push up plank, 1-2 uppercuts, then hold at the bottom of a pushup.

After a couple of rounds of regular shadow box, we partnered up for partner drills.

Today’s combo included:

Partner one jab, partner two slip to the right, Partner one pivot to the RIGHT and come with a left uppercut. Partner two catches the uppercut with the right hand, while partner one throws an overhand right. Partner two rolls the the overhand to the left while throwing a right hand to the body.

To finish class we partnered up on the heavy bag with a Matt, alternating heavy bag with abs exercises every 30 seconds.


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