January 6, 2019

January 6, 2019

Sunday morning classes!

Two 3 minute rounds for a warm up: first round, 15 seconds jumping jacks, 15 seconds pushups. Second round, 15 seconds high knees, 15 seconds mountain climb

After shadow boxing, everyone gloved up and partnered up for boxing drills. This set warmed up with catch and jab. We progressed into partner one jabs then hooks, while partner two catches the jab and rolls the hook, responding with a right hand. First partner slips the right then reacts with a left uppercut.

Two rounds of heavy bag drills with partner. First round: Jab-hook, jumping jacks, right hand- right uppercut, squat jumps. Second round: two punches high, two punches low, wall sit.

One round of shoulder exercises. Five minutes of boxing footwork with bouncing. One round of push up plank exercises and side plank exercises to finish.


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