Aisling’s Corner

January 13, 2019

Sunday’s 11:45am class!

We lined up in a semi circle to perform exercises, while one person at a time, performed pushups up and down the ladder.

After stretching we did two rounds regular shadow box.

We partnered up for boxing drills. The combo included:

Partner one threw 1-2 punch, partner two slipped right then slipped left. Partner two reacted with 1-2 punch, while partner one threw 1-2 to the body while slipping the 1-2 from partner two. After the right hand to the body, partner one threw a left hook upstairs, and partner two rolled to the right.

January 10, 2018

Thursday’s 6pm class!!

We warmed up with a 5 minute round, 15 second intervals for each exercise. Lunges, hold a squat, mountain climb, high knees, and shuffles.

After stretching, we did a shadow box drill, including 1-2 punches, push ups, 1-2-3-2, then push up plank, 1-2 uppercuts, then hold at the bottom of a pushup.

After a couple of rounds of regular shadow box, we partnered up for partner drills.

Today’s combo included:

Partner one jab, partner two slip to the right, Partner one pivot to the RIGHT and come with a left uppercut. Partner two catches the uppercut with the right hand, while partner one throws an overhand right. Partner two rolls the the overhand to the left while throwing a right hand to the body.

To finish class we partnered up on the heavy bag with a Matt, alternating heavy bag with abs exercises every 30 seconds.

January 6, 2019

Sunday morning classes!

Two 3 minute rounds for a warm up: first round, 15 seconds jumping jacks, 15 seconds pushups. Second round, 15 seconds high knees, 15 seconds mountain climb

After shadow boxing, everyone gloved up and partnered up for boxing drills. This set warmed up with catch and jab. We progressed into partner one jabs then hooks, while partner two catches the jab and rolls the hook, responding with a right hand. First partner slips the right then reacts with a left uppercut.

Two rounds of heavy bag drills with partner. First round: Jab-hook, jumping jacks, right hand- right uppercut, squat jumps. Second round: two punches high, two punches low, wall sit.

One round of shoulder exercises. Five minutes of boxing footwork with bouncing. One round of push up plank exercises and side plank exercises to finish.

January 3, 2019

6pm class! Warm up included laterals down and back, every time I said switch we did a burpee and switched direction. Some exercises were included.

After shadow boxing and stretching, everyone rotated through 5 stations with a partner. Including;

Pushup walk down and back on the ladder, while partner shadow boxed with weights

One partner holds a wall sit, while the other passes the medicine ball and performs a burpee, 7 times then switch.

Boxing drills, one partner throws 1-2-3-2, partner performs two slips and two rolls

Regular Jumprope

One partner free style on heavy bag, other partner mitts. One round each

December 31st of 2018

In case you missed it, my New Year’s Day class before New Year’s Day was a doozy. Everyone warmed up with 8 laps around the gym, then 25 burpees… followed by 7 laps around the gym with 20 burpees…. and then 6 laps with 15 burpees. Continue that pattern until we got to 5 burpees. Only 20 minutes. A relaxing stretch and then 5 minutes of shadow box drills with hand weights. Three -5 minute rounds on the bag ensued with intervals of combinations and exercises. We cooled down with some animal exercises… monkey walk to the other side of the gym, 25 jumping jacks, and bear crawl back, another 25 jumping jacks, and repeat for 2 more times.


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